KZ Shivago's Red Shavanna
Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 6/12/2014
Color: Dark Sorrel w/White Star
Birth Height: 23"

Sire: MGF Doctor Shivago - 32 1/4" Black & White Spotted - Wooly
Dam: KZ Wee Little Red Shennigans - 32" Sorrel


Our first Shivago foal of the season, and WOW!!!! Full sister to last years Black Diamond, this little jennet is just as beautiful! She has a super wavey coat, so I think she will go wooly, time will tell. Her color is just this amazing deep red, and the star on the forehead is just added class. As most of Shivago foals, she is born pin straight all the way around, and super friendly.