KZ Shivago's Jessa Dark Fringe
Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 8/07/2014
Color: Very Dark Brown NLP - Wooly
Birth Height: 22"

Sire: MGF Doctor Shivago - 32 1/4" Black & White Spotted - Wooly
Dam: KZ Jessa Jitterbug - 32" Dark Brown (Wooly Gene Carrier)

SOLD, Staying in New Jersey, Thank you Nicole & Tim!

****UPDATE 11/09/14- New pictures taken, Fringe is getting very wooly haired!!!!

Another beautiful jennet foal out of Jitters and sired by Shivago. This little jennet looks to be wooly haired, will know better in a month or so. Super friendly already, she follows us everywhere in the corral. Nice conformation, and pedigree to boot.