KZ Malibu Bay Breeze
Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 05/02/2016
Color: Black & White Spotted - Wooly
Birth Height: 23"

Sire: MGF Doctor Shivago - 32 1/4" Black & White Spotted - Wooly
Dam: MGF Xanadu 299 - 34" Black (wooly carrier)

SOLD, Staying In New Jersey, Thank You Jon & Amanda!

 Ok, now I cannot say enough about this girl. I bought her mom just a little over a year ago and knew I had to have her to breed to Shivago. Well, I was so pleased to see what they produced together! Black and white spotted with wooly hair, the whole package! This little girls hair has doubled in lenght since these pictures, she will be a super wooly!!!