KZ Prime Satin's Cameo
Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 7/16/2013
Color: Dark Spotted
Birth Height: 23 1/2"

Sire: DMF Primo - 31 3/4" Black/Brown & White Spotted
Dam: The Elms Black Satin - 33" Black

UPDATE - I am no longer offering Cameo for sale, she is turning into a beautiful black and white spotted jennet. So sweet too, that I decided to add her to my own herd as a future brood jennet. I did not keep alot of Primo daughters, so another reason to keep her. Look for her and her foals in the future!

*****UPDATE - NEW PICTURES TAKEN 4/20/14 - Full sister to KZ Prime Black Lace, a coal black jennet that was sold a few years ago at the Great American Donkey Sale. Cameo should turn black and white spotted as she matures. She will mature alittle on the taller side, but is sure to be super flashy looker in the future.