Miniature Donkeys For Sale

We are planning many trips this year. If you buy any of our donkeys, we can help on the shipping end for a very low cost or even free if along our routes. If you need a donkey(s) of your own trucked, and is along our routes, we could possibly work out a great low cost deal for you too, for us to truck them for you.
Please see below our trips and dates, and e-mail us at  for more info if interested.


- Going to Maryland middle of July.

- Going to Ohio middle of September.

- Due to rising vet costs, any donkeys purchased from us where coggins and health papers are needed, please know that a $38.00 per donkey for coggins and $50.00 per health paper vet fee will be added. Also a non-refundable deposit is required to hold any donkey for purchase.



****UPDATE 12/01/18 - So sorry for not updating my site. I am currently working on it. We had a super hard year, which the problem is still being worked on. Most babies I sell before being posted so if you are looking for something, please let me know. As far as the problem, we had a bad black bear problem for the past 3 years, but this year was the worse! We lost 5 of out beloved donkeys to bear attacks, and another one wounded. Also the weather has been just horrible! So, just wanted everyone to know I did not mean to not post our donkeys for sale, just been a super hard year on us. We will be posting more for sale soon keep checking back. So, if you are looking for something special please email us, I am downsizing both our mini and standard herds.

***UPDATE 3/1/19 - Bear problem we think has been resolved, weather still not great, also we have sold most of our 2018 foals. We still want to downsize our main herd so please if you are looking for an adult jennet please email us. Our 2019 foals will be starting the end of this month, 4 girls are already starting to bag up. Let us know if you looking for something special in a foal.....Thanks

****UPDATE 4/3/19 - Babies are hitting the ground now, had 5 so far all sold but 1 just born today. I will be offering some mommy/baby pairs this year as I continue to downsize my herd. So if interested in any please let me know and I will put you on a waiting list. Website will be updated soon.


miniature donkeys Gender: Gelding
Date of Birth: 01/01/2000
Color: wooden
Birth Height: 39" to 40"
Price: $3,800.00

 Beautiful very old cart and some beautiful harness sets for sale. See other pictures for write up on cart. This is a posting for a friend of mine in Iowa, if interested in this please contact me and I can put you in contact with them.

Old festival cart & harness
Sire: no sire
Dam: no dam

miniature donkeys Gender: Jack
Date of Birth: 6/10/19
Color: Very Dark Brown
Birth Height: 21"
Price: $650.00

 Cute little jack foal, out of two of my favorite minis I have owned for a long time. He is small and will make a great pet/companion animal...

KZ Prime Expresso
Sire: DMF Primo - 31 3/4" Black/Brown & White Spotted
Dam: Derbytown's Mocha ( 32" Very Dark Brown )

miniature donkeys Gender: Jack
Date of Birth: 5/29/19
Color: Black & White Spotted
Birth Height: 22"
Price: $1,800.00

   Wow, just a stunning black and white spotted jack foal here! Out of excellent pedigree from two fantastic parents. Bandit continues to produce true black and white spotted offsrings, good enough for herdsire material. I am thinking of growing this boy up so hurry before I change my mind.....

KZ Bandit's Maximum Overdrive
Sire: Donkette Korral Bandit - 30 1/2" Black & White Spotted
Dam: MGF Xanadu 299 - 34" Black (wooly carrier)

miniature donkeys Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 5/20/19
Color: Black w/cross
Birth Height: 20"
Price: $1,500.00

 This little jennet is a courtesy listing for a good friend of mine. Beautiful, small, dark jennt foal, with great pedigree. Dam is a super unique spotting pattern jennet, and sire is a tiny stocky black jack that I used to own. if interested in her please contact me and I will put you in touch with her. Located in West Valley, NY.

Rushcreek My Time To Shine
Sire: LN Proper Shine of KZ - 30" Black
Dam: GM Conrad's Miss Macy - Dark Brown & White Spotted

miniature donkeys Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 6/18/09
Color: Brown
Mature Height: 33"
Price: $0.00


Summer is a proven brood jennet with beautiful past foals. Possibly bred for June 2020 to our black and white spotted jack, DMF Primo. 

Heavenly Summer
Sire: Heavenly Firewalker - 34" Dark Red
Dam: Heavenly Kara - 33 1/2" Gray Dun

miniature donkeys Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 3/17/10
Color: Black w/cross
Mature Height: 32"
Price: $0.00


Patty is a proven brood jennet who has produced some super pretty foals. She is not that in your back pocket friendly donkey, but would make a great brood jennet, she is a great mother to hjer foals. Her color is a beautiful rich black but with a cross. Patty has been exposed to our black and white spotted jack, Donkette Korral Bandit for a spring 2020 foal. we have not seen her come back into heat.

Arcadians Patty
Sire: Bluegrass Mr. O'Neal - 32 1/2" Black w/cross NLP
Dam: Cisco & Sons Ittabit - 33" Dark Gray Dun